Next Trips

General information:

I am planning to go on a trip in the next two years (in summer) in which you can accompany me to the brown bears in Alaska!
This "bear tour" is individually for everyone and will be planned together with all participants of the group long before the actual trip. You will commission me to book the trip for you and both me and you will sign a contract, so that it is mandatory for both parties! Because of the individuality of each trip the details such as time, duration and destination, cannot, unlike a booked trip in an agency, be announced on the internet in advance.
Please contact me if you are interested. Only together we can discuss your wishes concerning watching brown bears with the assistance of specific examples and of course I will answer all your questions before booking the trip!

I will answer the most common questions concerning the trip below. Please read this completely if you are interested!
If you want to accompany me to the bear territories of Alaska, please note the following rules :
  • You commission me to book the trip (or even trips) for you! We will both sign a contract to make it mandatory!
  • I book the trips and if you want me to, I will book every connecting flight, lodging (hotels, camp sites, etc.) and rental cars or whatever you want to have
  • You will get detailed information for every module you want me to book for you to feel safe in the bear territory.
  • All your booked services listed in the contract will be described in detail and will help both me and you if in a dispute. I will bill very accurate: Every saving such as group discounts, etc. will completely be passed on to you!
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that my attendance is not part of the scope of services!

    I am not a travel agent within the meaning of the law!
    If you want me to, I will give you a detailed justification for this.

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