Brown bears on Kodiak Island

Once you arrived in Anchorage you can either take the plane to Kodiak Island or you rent a car and drive to Homer. In Homer you take the ship to Kodiak Island (whale watching!). In Kodiak you will take a small seaplane to Munsey's Bear Camp. There are perfect conditions for bear watching as you are in a small group with a maximum of only six people. Everyday is different: at one day you go by ship on a bear watching tour and on another day you walk to a bear sighting location. You can watch the bears catching salmons, but other activities are also possible. You live in simple but comfortable shanties. Meals are included in the price!

My personal opinion:
  • fantastic opportunities for watching brown bears in their natural habitat
  • only a maximum of six people are present in the camp
  • independent of the weather
  • family connection to the rangers who individually attend to your wishes
  • you feel safe because of the Ranger's supervision
  • you feel safe because the Kodiak bears are used to people

My conclusion:

Visiting the Kodiak brown bears cannot be emotionally exceeded by anything. You will experience a very individually guided bear watching. There are many other opportunities für animal watching (such as whales) but theses have to be booked from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, this location is only of limited use for people with reduced mobility (eg. in a wheelchair).
Please contact me for further information.

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