Let me write something about the costs: I cannot name a specific amount, as it can vary depending on group size, travel time, duration and destination and also on the conversion rate of the Dollar. I can only give a price-projection based on the prices of 2020. Please contact me and let me know about your wishes!

Let me be more precised: I want to clarify the dimension of price you will have to deal with. Of course the trips are not cheap and the money has to be earned. But on the other hand it was a lifelong dream of mine to watch brown bears in their natural habitat. You have to question yourself: Is this really a lifelong dream? Because this dream can be fulfilled ?.

The lower limit for a 10-day-stay with 7 nights at the campsite in Katmai National Park at Brooks River (including 7 days of bear watching) is at about 5,000 € (equal to about 5,300 $ and about 4,200 £). This amount includes my commission, all flight costs from/to Frankfurt (Germany) including all airport transfers, basic catering, camping fees in the national park (including bear watching) and 3 nights in Anchorage.
If you want to live in a lodge instead of a tent, you have to add about 500 € (equal to about 530 $ and about 420 £) per night to the amount (please bear in mind that you are only allowed to book a lodge for a maximum of two or three days, depending on the season!). A 9-day-stay at the bear camp on Kodiak Island in simple shanties including 4.5 days of watching brown bears and 0.5 days of watching whales is at a minimum of 6,000 € (equal to about 6,300 $ and about 5,000 £) when booked in a group of six people. This amount includes my commission, all flight costs from/to Frankfurt (Germany) and airport transfers, board and lodging, bear watching with a Ranger, about two nights in Anchorage and two nights on Kodiak Island

If you combine 7 days of bear watching at Brooks River (in a tent) and 5 days on Kodiak Island as mentioned above, the total costs will be at about 7,500 € (equal to about 7,900 $ and about 6,300 £) per person!

I do not want to write more about the costs as they are depending on many different factors and are very individually!

Please bear in mind that these prices are not suable! This is only a projection, to demonstrate the dimension of price!

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