Brown bears at Pacific Coast

Once you arrived in Anchorage you can either take the plane to Homer or you rent a car and drive to Homer. In Homer there is a small sports plane that takes you to "Hallo Bay" bear camp at Pacific Coast. The plane lands on the beach and you only have to walk a few steps to arrive at the camp. From here you start your daily watching tours on foot. In addition to the "salmon fishing bears" you have the (unique) opportunity to watch the bears grazing on the lawn or digging for scallops. The tents are already set up on arrival and wait for you. Meals are available and included in the price.

My personal opinion:
  • fantastic opportunities for watching brown bears in their natural habitat
  • only a maximum of twelve people are present in the camp
  • special bear activities (such as grazing and digging for scallops)
  • very expensive when compared to other places
  • dependent of the weather (=> flight delays and/or cancellations caused for example by heavy rain are possible)
  • unfriendly rangers
  • limit for luggage in the plane: 250 pounds (= about 113 kilograms) per person
  • you feel safe because of the Ranger's supervision
  • you feel safe because the Kodiak bears are used to people

My conclusion

I highly recommend visiting "Hallo Bay" because of the different bear activities. The risks (such as heavy rain, unfriendly rangers or the limits for luggage in the plane) must be known but do not keep me from coming back to this place.

Unfortunately, this location is not appropiate for people with reduced mobility (eg. in a wheelchair) as you have to be able to move in rough terrain.
Please contact me for further information.

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