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?Don't dream of your life, but live your dream?
- Indian proverb

Accompany me to the greatest brown bears of our world.
Accompany me on an unforgettable trip to Alaska.

Do you dream of watching brown bears in the their natural habitat?
I offer you the opportunity to accompany me to the different bear-territories in Alaska.
Now you might think: ?I never will be able to fulfill this dream.? But I can tell you: ?Yes, you can; even with an average salary.?

The trip will be planned individually for everyone, but it needs time to do so - at least two years!
Because of the diversity of opportunities the trip can offer, I am only able to tell you every aspect in a private talk.
You can either check the links for ?Contact Me? and will get detailed information on how to get in contact with me or you can just click here:

I am looking forward to talking to you!

Yours sincerely
Dirk Schilder

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